Typography is the craft of endowing human language with a durable visual form, and thus with an independent existence. (...) Typography remains a source of true delight, true knowledge, true surprise.

Robert Bringhurst, The Elements of Typographic Style

They were after the Peace that comes from POWER.


SO MAYBE You are having the same experience I did that day at the event in 2009.


I don’t know and likely never will.


But in today’s WIK POST I am going to have you consider this.




…you are living a lie.


In your dirty marriage.

In your family of Vancouver carpet cleaners.

In your cleaning business.

In your newly washed neighborhood.

In your clean church.




I had created a life of Pleasing and searching for PRAISE so I could feel love and yet at the end of that line of logic I was left with nothing but PAIN.






….but with it has come the Praise.


and guess what?


I am unconcerned about either.









I rebuilt my duct cleaning business.


I rebuilt my marriage with my cleaners.


I rebuilt my cleaning family.


I rebuilt & cleansed my Life.


On the foundation of “REAL, RAW. RELEVANT TRUTH”


Not your truth…


…but mine.


It just happens to be that MY TRUTH resonates with tons of others around the world just like you.


Just like the men who travel to laguna beach every month to train with me.








It’s the only TRUTH you can ever be.


Those who are not OK with that will “UNSUBSCRIBE” from your life and in the end you will find yourself surrounded by people who LOVE ALL OF YOU not just the parts they WANT TO SEE.


that is it.


The end.




In what relationship are you currently living a Lie

and Why?




….if you look around at your life who are you currently in relationships where most of your actions, words and decision are based on trying to please the other person.


What have been the results of choosing to live that way with that person?

What might life be like if you could be all of you with them?

What are you most afraid might happen if you did?




Do you love you just the way you are?


As always Warrior.


Email me.


Let me know how you feel.

Psst.. look at this brave warrior in the news today.


December 27, 2014


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For this study.. I gathered data for a comparison sample: means and standard deviations for big five inventory, which was retrieved from https://www.vista.ubc.ca/webct/urw/tp0.lc5116011/cobaltMainFrame.dowebct

Self Reflection

During the study previously mentioned, my role as a participant and a researcher might have subconsciously influenced my behavior  of talkativeness, by the reason of me being aware of what was being measured. Similar to being in front of the camera, your team or a bunch of colleagues, you’ll be acting a little different from your usual self..

In addition, my mood (dark or light) and my schedule (either busy or empty) might have also played a part in the hours I spent talking on the phone. However, the strength of this data included it begin a visible indication of my personality..

Openness for behavior data was collected by different types of food that I tried for the duration of one week. My score here might have also been subconsciously influenced by my knowledge of what was being measured. Nevertheless, my willingness to try these different types of food is an indication of my openness. This is called behavioural residue (who you are is reflected in your behaviour); this strength of behaviour data was mentioned in a lecture on September 18, 2012, to a PSYC 305A class by a psychologist & DDS Ramillosa, a Salem Dentist in the state of Oregon . Regardless, this data was not collected by a scientific measurement. I collected this data based on a scale that I created myself; hence, there was no concrete measurement used here. This results in the study having poor validity and reliability.

This study can be improved by a few simple alterations. For instance, by increasing the number of raters and observers, we can rule out any bias opinions from them. This is done by the mean of aggregation increases reliability. Alternatively, if this study used more scientific measurements, and was a double-blind study it would have contained a stronger validity and consistently between the data. Also, if this data were collected by an experimental study rather than a correlation, there would have been a cause-and-effect relationship instead of a relationship just between the variables.

Nevertheless, this study was successful in achieving its goal of aiding my understanding of my personality.


Here’s a quote to help your mindset:

The hardest, most reliable steel is forged in the hottest and most dangerous fires.
The same can be said for Man.
Every man wants to be a King, but few are willing to risk walking the gauntlet.
Your trials and tribulations are gifts.
Opportunities to make you sharper, stronger, harder, more durable.
The World is the Anvil.
Trials and tribulations are the Hammer.
Your maker is the blacksmith.
You are the steel.
Bend but do not break…. for at the end of the process you will become the KINGS BLADE.


December 18, 2014

Personality Signs

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Differences in males and females are also present in their mating behaviour. For example, the male and female brains have different goals when it comes to mating. The female brain wants to find love and commitment before sex, while the male brain wants sex before love and commitment.

Sex is necessary for the male brain to fall in love.

When the male brain falls in love, the cells in the ventral tegmental area of his brain produce dopamine and this action moves along the brain circuit to the nucleus accumbens (used for anticipation of pleasure and reward), where dopamine is mixed with testosterone and vasopressin.


Having dopamine mix with these other hormones creates “an addictive high-octane fuel” resulting in the male brain falling in love. Later, these cells reach the caudate nucleus (the area of the brain that is used for memorizing the appearance and identity of the person who is responsible for his pleasures); and once these cells have reached these three areas, the love and lust circuits in the male brain will develop as they focus on that special someone.

Thus, the lust and love circuits become in sync with sex. This is something I discovered while on my journey back  in the back of a from Fort Mcmurray cab. After discussing my theory with the cab driver, I discovered that also states that during sex, the male brain releases both vasopressin and dopamine. Males have two different versions of vasopressin receptors based on their genetic makeup. There is both a short and long version. The longer version results in the male becoming a monogamous partner, while the shorter version results in the male engaging in promiscuous activities. One interesting finding mentioned in this book about men was that men’s testosterone level increases when they are interacting with attractive females. Further studies by Ronay and Hippel (2010) have supported this claim. The authors stated that the testosterone levels of their male participants increased in the presence of attractive females; and therefore, this increase in testosterone resulted in more risk-taking behaviours by the participants.

As the male enters manhood he starts to use his temporal-parietal junction system (the analyze and fix it system) more than his mirror-neuron system (emotional empathy system). The male brain’s temporal-parietal junction system (TPJ) blocks other emotions from entering the male thoughts, and does not allow him to be influenced by other’s feelings. This results in the male brain having the ability to jump into a fix it mental state rather than an emotional state. This is not to say that the male brain does not experience emotions when observing someone else’s face and emotions. Rather that, the male brain switches from the mirror-neuron system (MNS) to TPJ more quickly than the female brain. During manhood, when a male gets angry his “anger gets fueled by testosterone, vasopressin and cortisol”. The combination of these hormones reduces his fear of his opponent and activates his fighting senses.  The article by Peterson and Harmon-Jones (2011) also supports this claim by stating that testosterone levels increase as a response to anger. As mentioned in the book, men with high testosterone feed off their opponent’s anger during a fight. The anger of their opponent acts like a drug and creates a high for him.

December 13, 2014

Personality Signs

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The difference between males and females starts from conception. The Y-chromosome in the male gene can make all the difference between males’ and females’ brain and body. The Y-chromosome is also responsible for the production of male hormones, testosterone and vasopressin, and consequently results in their ‘male-like’ behaviour.

These behaviours, which are inclined towards action and adventure, were previously believed to be the result of socialization; however, it is now scientifically proven that they are in fact biologically wired into the male brain. During pregnancy, the hormone müllerian inhibiting substance (MIS) joins with testosterone to defeminize the male body and brain. The hormones secreted during pregnancy can influence the child’s toy preference during childhood. These hormones can also cause major differences between girls and boys. For instance, the spatial movement area of boys’ brain is always on; therefore it is easier for them to comprehend the three-dimensionality of objects; whereas girls’ spatial movement area is off, and is only turned on when it is needed.

Evidentially, the spatial movement area of the brain is not the only difference between males and females; one major difference between them are their hormones. As males grow into their teenage years, the hormones vasopressin and testosterone cause the teen boy to become protective about his personal space and sensitive to his peers’ perception of him. These male hormones also cause the teen boy to become angry towards others who he perceives as hostile. For instance, the hormone vasopressin results in the teen boy perceiving other people’s faces as more aggressive and angry than they really are. Scientists believe that is an evolutionary perspective, males seeing faces as angrier may “serve an adaptive purpose” in the sense that it allows them to speculate between running and fighting. Further research by Peterson and Harmon-Jones (2011) on anger and testosterone indicates that males’ testosterone levels increase when they feel threatened in terms of their primary needs of belonging and control. Therefore, this may be why teenage boys perceive angry faces as much angrier.

Male dominance and aggression are what puts the man on top of his social hierarchy. Dominance and aggression are what separate males from females. However, it must also be taken into account that teen boys take more risk and are much more careless than girls. This can be explained by looking at the teen boy system. Teenage boys run on two systems: the activating system, led by the amygdala, leads them to take more risks, while the inhibiting system (which puts a break in their actions and helps them think before they act) does not mature in teen boys until their early twenties.

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