Instagram for companies

Instagram is a social network for smartphones, tablets and computers: belonging to the Facebook family, its main purpose is the sharing and editing of photographs and videos. Like all social networks, Instagram also has enormous potential for profit, which is why many companies have promptly launched in the “exploitation” of this service, to publicize and expand their audience.

The principle behind Instagram’s success is exactly the same as all social networks, or visibility.

Why can Instagram affect a company?

InstagramThe main reason a company should be interested in an Instagram account is what we mentioned earlier: it is a powerful medium used by hundreds of millions of people every day, in any corner of the globe.
But there are reasons that dig deeper: unlike a normal marketing campaign, owning an Instagram account allows the company to approach in a different way with the consumer. The photograph, unlike the text, can immediately make the product-customer relationship frontal: the latter can also remain “bewitched” by something that would never have thought to interest him.
That’s why Instagram can turn out to be a real magic tool: asking the right questions is essential (“What do I want to show? What kind of people do I want to reach? What is worth investing in this project?”).

How to start and how to proceed with the use of Instagram?

First you need to create an official Instagram profile for the company, possibly with the registered trademark. Obviously it must be an “open” profile, that is not “private”: anyone must be able to observe. In the description of your profile (short and concise) simply add the name of the company and attach the link to your website and possibly the Facebook page: nothing more.

Then, the process is relatively simple: it involves posting photographs (always of good quality!) That portray the company’s products, the operators at work, some moments of the day, the interaction of employees with customers, and etc. Owning a corporate account on Instagram does not only mean sponsoring products, but above all creating a direct relationship with its “followers”, which are potential customers.

What to do, therefore, to increase the visibility and to complete the attached photos in your profile? Let’s see it in some steps.

First of all, always add a brief description of photography: nothing mechanical, but an empathic phrase, sympathetic or even just solar. In the description, the addition of hashtags is more than fundamental: hashtags allow unknown people to get in touch with the company profile, and greatly increase their visibility.

In this regard, it is also smart to create a new hashtag, which you will always use in any photo posterete, along with the other hashtags that – in fact – will be variables.

Secondly, always put the geo-location in the photographs, obviously attaching the location (address, city and country) where your company is located: this will increase the sense of trust and possibility of purchase by customers.

Always check the interactions of customers, the number of Likes that the photos get: some photos will be more appreciated than others, and it is important to ask why, and aim to post the photographs (or videos) that are most appreciated.

Is it possible to sponsor your company?

Yes, on Instagram it is possible for a few months to pay directly the social network so that the sponsored posts of your account appear on the home of potential buyers.

The sponsorship involves different costs depending on the scope of your account, depending on the visibility you want to get and the content of the post in question.

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