Web Agency in Europe: SEO estimate

The SEO, or the optimization of websites to be found, seen and evaluated better by search engines is now known to most people in Europe. Many realize how important it may be to appear on the first page of Google search results or other search engines, but there is rarely clear what SEO experts do and how much they ask to position a site.

Because it’s important to be on the front page on Google

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Many people, every day, rely on Google, and other search engines, to look for any kind of information, such as a restaurant where to dine, a hotel where to stay or a store where to buy a gift.

Of course if you have something to sell, you offer a service or, in any case, “you are in business” to be found by potential customers is essential.

It is shown that almost all those who do a search on Google stops at the results of the first page, so it is important that your site appears in the top 10 results proposed by the engine, after a search related to what we have to offer.

If we operate in an industry with some competition, having a good site is not enough, we need to optimize it to make it appear among the first.

How an SEO expert works

The ultimate goal of an SEO expert or a web agency specializing in optimization is to get on the site more visits possible from search engines.

There are various ways to position a site from scratch or to improve the placement of an existing site.

SEO estimate

Often asking for an estimate SEO puts the client in difficulty, because the question and offer seem to speak different languages, but in reality everything is very simple. The goal as mentioned is that the site is optimized and, consequently, receives more visits from Google.

To create an SEO quote, you need to know the site and analyze it carefully, it must also be known and analyzed the sector, or market, where the site operates, and the client’s goals must be known.

Always be wary of those who make an SEO quote without even knowing your site. Beware of those who guarantee you the first position on Google for any keyword you want, it is an unattainable promise.

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